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We sponsor digital presence and online services for friends and kind groups - open source projects, small businesses, and good ideas.

Free Software

When somebody identifies a gap and just spends a little bit of their free time to close that gap to help strangers, everybody wins. There are an endless list of places and tools that empower and encourage people to create software and share it with eachother. This is yet another one, and it's not special.. but it's what we have.

Social Good

Software isn't the only effort that advances the common good, but most efforts do need some software. Sometimes it's just a webpage. Sometimes it's an entire platform.


And sometimes, we get to play the role of benefactor just because our friends need a hand, and it feels good to help somebody out so they can focus on what they're good at - and who on earth wants to pass some big website company another customer to rip off?

Have an idea?

People have ideas. You have ideas. We have ideas. Maybe with a little help that idea can turn into something really amazing. Or maybe it can turn into a better career, or maybe just trying it will enrich your brain. Trryyyy.

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Putting the you back in EULA. Common Privacy Terms and Conditions, User Agreements, and EULAs are written to protect companies, not people. It's for them, not you. The Common Privacy Statement is a contract strictly about what they can do with your data. You can take an active role in consent.


Group Chat Processor Digestor Digestor is a chatbot that you invite to eavesdrop on group conversations, so that it can create daily digests of conversation and chat activity. It's best-suited for public or semi-public chatrooms with very high volume, and aims to provide insight and summary on the topics and dispositions of conversation throughout the day that you were unable to actively read.


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The following pieces of art have been used for this website.
Palm Tree by Ed Harrison from the Noun Project